You can do it.


Jolie Guillebeau, LPC, ATR-P

Human. Artist. Therapist. Lifelong learner. Snacker.

Hi! I’m Jolie. I love listening. I love stories. I love jigsaw puzzles and ice cream. I believe in acceptance and self-compassion, and I believe that creativity is the way to healing. You already have the resources, and my goal is to support you, so you can be an agent of your own healing. You are the expert on you.

In my practice, I support children, families and adults who are stuck in patterns of fear and self-doubt, so you can find better communication strategies, increase capacity for dealing with hard things, and learn to talk about how you feel and what you need.

I’m not the expert, you are. You have the answers you need. I’m just here to help you find them.

Oregon LPC #C5423

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1110 SE Alder #301,

Portland, Oregon 97214


Why I became a therapist

Despite a tumultuous childhood, and a need for support, I didn’t begin therapy until my early thirties. Partly because it was scary, and partly because I didn’t value myself enough to commit to dealing with the hard stuff. The idea of really acknowledging my problems and taking responsibility for changing my story was daunting. But the value of being truly seen and heard changed everything for me.

I believe that resilience comes through relationships. We heal as we connect with others. And that belief led me to this work.


What I do when I am not doing therapy…

I’m an artist, a puzzle solver, and I love Plants vs. Zombies. I share my life with a small gray cat, and a very energetic husband. I’ll always volunteer to bring dessert, and making lists makes me happy.