Professional Disclosure and Client’s Rights


Clients Rights and Professional Disclosure

This statement is intended to inform you about my background, preparation and services, as well as your rights as a client.


I hold Master’s Degree of Arts in Art Therapy Counseling from Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon. My areas of study include human development, ethics, assessment, treatment, the counseling process and the uses of art in the Art Therapy process.

Philosophy and Approach:

I provide individual, family and group sessions using art therapy and psychotherapy services to clients across the life span. I integrate techniques from various therapies. I work from a person-centered, strengths-based, mindfulness approach to collaborate with clients to cultivate skills and resources, expand views of a situation, and help you to find ways to live the life you want. 

Together we will explore your inner and outer experiences, relationships, images, and dreams aimed at building skills to help you reach your goals. My role is to listen in a non-judgmental way, be a guide in the art making process, ask questions, and provide feedback. You are the expert on your life. With the support of psychotherapy and art therapy, you will have new opportunities to stretch yourself in new ways to live your life.

If your child or adolescent is in therapy with me, I work from the framework that the parent or primary caregiver is the significant healing agent for their young person. I will work closely with you and your child to implement relational and everyday living strategies to support your young person to work towards thriving in the home, school and the community.

Practical Matters:

Appointments are $90 per session and payment is due at the time of service. I accept Venmo, Credit Card payments via Square, and cash payment at this time. I am currently not accepting insurance payment. Appointments may be scheduled directly through me, or on my website once you are an established client. I am available most evenings from 4-8pm and Saturday mornings for appointments. Please leave a voicemail and I will make every effort to return your call promptly upon my return to the office.

I work as an individual, and rent office space through Portland Therapy Center, but am in no other way affiliated with them.

In the event you are unhappy with my services, please let me know.


As an Art Therapist, I adhere to the codes of ethics of the Art Therapy Credentials Board, the American Counseling Association and the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. I will only work within my scope of practice and in some cases I may be ethically required to refer a client to a more experienced therapist.


I am under the supervision of Jackie Trussell, who can be reached 14815 SE Division, Portland OR 97236. She can also be reached by phone at  (503) 761-7139. As part of good clinical practices, I am obliged to discuss our therapeutic work together with my supervisor. This is for the benefit of my clients and all of these parties are bound by the ethics of confidentiality.

Your Rights and MY Commitment to you

As my client you have the following rights:

1. To expect that my training meets the standards of the agency for therapists in private practice.

2. To obtain a copy of the codes of ethics that I follow.

3. To report complaints to my supervisor.

4. To be informed of the cost of services before receiving services.

5. To be assured of privacy and confidentiality while receiving services. with the following exceptions:

a. Reporting suspected child or elder abuse.

b. Reporting imminent danger to client or others.

c. Reporting information required in court proceedings.

d. Reporting information about your work with me to my supervisors. Your name and identifying material will be changed to protect your privacy.

e. Defending claims brought by the client against the intern.

6. To be free from being the object of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or other unlawful categories while receiving services.

My commitment to you:

I will make every effort to help you learn more about yourself, talk through any discomfort and maintain curiosity and positive regard as we work together.

If a problem or conflict arises, I’ll work with you to find resolution and I promise to communicate clearly and kindly throughout the process.